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The Joyful Jewelry Way


Designed and handcrafted in our very own

Joyful Jewelry studio, all of our jewelry is unique and one of

a kind! All of our earrings are made with hypoallergenic materials for

optimum comfort. We enjoy the creative process and invite you to

explore a wide range of beautifully handmade unique jewelry made in the USA! 

Your Trusted Handmade Jewelry Shop


Jewelry Collections

Simple. Elegant. Beautiful.


Tiffany Renee Line

Hi guys!! My name is Tiffany! I love artistry, especially when I get to turn beautiful pieces of nature into wearable one-of-a-kind Jewelry! My Tiffany Renee Line ranges from eclectic senses to unique eye-catching statement jewelry, Check it out HERE!!


Victoria Dawn Line

Jewelry that will accent and create beauty; my name is Victoria and I love to design and craft just that. Click HERE to see classy casual and flares of fun in my Victoria Dawn jewelry Line!


Mercy-Beth Line

Hey! Bethany here, my collection is true Americana! Whether you’re into small classic & spunky ways to jazz up the day or a simple bold statement to match your classic country roots! With a variety of sizes and patterns there is absolutely something pretty for everyone and I am so excited to share these fabulous one-of-a-kind beauties with you, in my Mercy-Beth line HERE!


Lyndsey Ann Line

Hi my name is Lyndsey! Click HERE to view sleek, stylish and timeless pieces that make up my Lyndsey Ann Line of jewelry. I have hand crafted each into beautifully displayed artwork that you will love wearing! My line is classic with slightly vintage tones!

Looking for the perfect piece of jewelry to complete your look? Let Joyful Jewelry help.

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